Be Respsonsive

Be Responsive Melbourne is a community for people of all sectors and
backgrounds who are interested in responsive web.

Our meetups are inclusive and not focused only on the technical side.

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9th December 2014




The Hall, NAB building
Level 3, 700 Bourke St


Matt Sawkill

Performance as a service

Matt Sawkill

Page load and rendering times are critical but often overlooked. Discover the tools and techniques you can use to build performance monitoring and telemetry into responsive web applications.

Matt is the Technical Director at Thick, strategic design consultancy with a focus on health, education and public services. He's a full-stack, standards focussed web developer with 20 years experience.

Matt Agar

Building a response team

Matt Agar

A quick look at how building responsive websites has introduced some fundamental changes to how designers and developers need to approach their work – both with each other and with their clients.

Matt is Technical Director at August. With more than 15 years of industry experience, he takes a leading role in designing, developing and managing sophisticated web-based products for August’s diverse group of clients.

Renee Chambers

How to give critical feedback without bruising egos

Renee Chambers

Critical feedback plays a significant role in the digital industry, no matter your position. Hear some tips and tricks on how to provide constructive feedback without bruising egos.

Renee is a multidisciplinary Senior Designer working at Butterfly, a mid sized agency located in Melbourne’s CBD. With 6 years experience Renee is responsible for a range of creative work spanning across print and all forms of digital including wire framing (IA), and user experience (UX).

Anders Rasmussen

One does not simply GET into Mordor.

Anders Rasmussen

Need to know how to secure your data? This talk will give you practical example of security vs user experience. What to do and not do with highly sensitive data.

Anders is very environmentally conscious; all his jokes are recycled. Snake charmer, Coffee drinker and emotionally stable.

Tim Lucas

Rethinking breakpoints

Tim Lucas

When device sizes are multiplying by the month does it make sense to set breakpoints based on common device widths, or is there a better way? Tim shares an alternative to the usual 320px-based approach to responsive web design.

Tim is a product designer and programmer from Melbourne. He’s the chief designer and co-organiser of CSSConf Australia, and chief design nerd at Buildbox where he helps designers and developers automate all the things.

Amelia Schmidt

Design pitfalls in responsive builds

Amelia Schmidt

Sick of overwrought metaphors? You’re probably also sick of all the pitfalls designers fall into when not aware of the limitations of responsive builds. This session is useful for designers looking to cause less headaches, front-end devs wanting tools to educate their designers, and project managers who want to get better at spotting disasters before they happen.

Amelia, now Lead Developer at Godel, was originally the content editor for a Drupal based online publication but was eventually seduced by the developer lifestyle. She really likes working with SASS (especially the Singularity grid system) and Javascript to build beautiful responsive sites that complement a well thought out content strategy.


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