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Be Responsive Melbourne is a community for people of all sectors and
backgrounds who are interested in responsive web.

Our meetups are inclusive and not focused only on the technical side.

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13th October 2015




The Hall, NAB building
Level 3, 700 Bourke St


Melissa Kaulfuss

Naming things is hard – fixing diversity is harder

Melissa Kaulfuss

We’ve all seen the tweets, heard the pleas (and the wails and the gnashing of teeth), read the mission statements. But, one of the biggest issues facing tech is still not solved, no-one has managed to address the diversity issue successfully.

I’ve spent years as the only (non-tech) female in dev teams. I’ve most recently started life as a technical recruiter building software teams for other people. I’ve seen things from both sides of the fence and it’s now my personal mission to see things change.

Adem Cifcioglu

Accessibility in Modern Web Applications

Adem Cifcioglu

Today’s web is full of apps. Links that took you to other pages can now trigger light boxes or accordions, or insert dynamic content like search results or validation errors. I’m going to talk about improving the accessibility modern web applications. I’ll list some dos and don’ts, look at the pitfalls, and give you some tips and tricks to help make your web apps accessible.

Adem is a digital accessibility consultant at NAB and the Director of Recreate Web. He is also leader of A11y Bytes Melbourne and co-organiser of A11y Camp Sydney. No matter what hat he's wearing, he is leading the crusade to create universal and barrier free websites. Adem has been known to talk about getting his Tankchair out to roll over people who were getting in his way of him being an A11y Avenger. He’s joking… we think.


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