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Be Responsive Melbourne is a community for people of all sectors and
backgrounds who are interested in responsive web.

Our meetups are inclusive and not focused only on the technical side.

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9th February 2016




The Hall, NAB building
Level 3, 700 Bourke St


James Coleman

Managing CSS in a state of flux

James Coleman

There's been a lot of talk on ​_better_​ frameworks and preprocessors. Regardless of whether it's Javascript or CSS, there's people debating the merits of changing from Angular to React, LESS To Sass, Bootstrap to Foundation; the list goes on. What's often ignored in these conversations is how this kind of change affects the team and what's the best way to manage that change. James will walk through the CSS changes BugHerd has dealt with over the last twelve months.

James is a senior developer working on BugHerd. He's also worked on projects for Singapore Airlines, Nikon, Qantas, The University of Melbourne, Business Victoria and Deakin University.

Benson Tait

Utilising Hypothesis Driven Development practises in Agile Product Delivery

Benson Tait

This talk will discuss the benefits of Hypothesis Driven Development and how traditional research techniques can be utilised at a delivery level.

We'll discuss each step involved in implementing Hypothesis Driven Development, from constructing a well crafted hypothesis to techniques for visualising your experiments & how some of the most important learnings can be taken from failed experiments. What will you get out of this?

- The aim is for attendees to walk away with some serious statistical ammunition for implementing their next hypothesis in the Build > Measure > Learn loop
- How falsifiable hypotheses can contribute to well evolved product roadmaps


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